RDO Transfer

I was surprised when the HR staff from my new company asked me to go to BIR. What did I do?!?

It turns out that I need to change my TIN RDO code. RDO stands for Revenue District Office. I never heard of it before and I have never been to any BIR branch. Shouldn’t HR do all these stuff?  I wonder if this must be a new policy as I never had to to this with my previous company.

So, I had to travel to Baguio and got my BIR form stamped and signed. It only took 3 minutes! So much after a 7-hour bus ride, and another 7-hours going back (to Manila).

Here’s how to have your RDO number changed:

1. Contact BIR at 926-8339 or 981-8888, or go to any BIR office, to verify your current RDO code. Simply provide them your TIN number as a reference. Don’t email them, they won’t reply.

2.  Bring your BIR Form 1905 to the branch where your current RDO code is registered. You can ask BIR for the correct address when you call the above numbers. You can get a form 1905 from BIR or in most cases, it should be provided by your company’s HR. Make sure to completely fill it out.

3. Have the form stamped and signed and you’re done. It is important that you submit the form back to your company’s HR, or if you are processing it yourself, submit it to the BIR office where you want your records to be transferred.

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